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Some gyms just aren’t quite like the other ones and Fit On Lanta has the facilities to prove it. Whether you want to swing, snatch, lift or row - we’ve got what you need for the perfect workout.
We have opened up the walls to give you the best quality facilities with the tropical, fresh breeze coming through. Still sweaty? Yeah probably! Luckily we are located just
200 meters from the crystal clear Andaman sea and the best way to end a workout is with a sprint straight into the cooling water.


Let's be honest, no one likes to be hungry after a tough workout. It's important to recharge.

We sell delicous protein shakes packed with mango and banana from the local market. 


You can also enjoy a protein

ice-cream and a soft drink.


We also got the best pre-workout espresso or a ice coffee. 

THE SHOP Coming soon

Left your protein or workout clothes at home? Don't sweat it! At the box you can buy supplements and our cool Fit On Lanta-workout gear so you are perfectly equipped.

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