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Common Queries

How fit do i need to be to join the classes?

The most common misconception about functional training is that you need to be super fit to start. This is NOT true! However, we can promise you that this is the fastest way to get really fit. All the movements in our classes are scalable to your own level and the coach is specialized in finding good alternative movements that works for you.

It's my first time, can I try it our before I get a membership?

Of course you can! We offer drop in classes for 500 THB if you want to try it out. If you decide to continue and buy a class pass or membership after that we just deduct the price you paid for your first drop in.

Do I need to bring my own drinking water?

You can refill your water bottle in the box. We are working hard together with
Trash Hero Koh Lanta to preserve our beautiful island. Therefore we also sell
their aliminium water bottles that you can refill for free at the box and in many
other locations on the island. Plastic is not fantastic!

What payment options do you accept?

In the box you can pay with thai baht.

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