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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Robert formerly worked as an IT consultant and project manager in Sweden. From a young age he has always been involved in body movement practices, starting off with a background in professional classical ballet as he hit the stage from the age of 12.

When at a holiday on Koh Lanta he decided to start over and do something else in life! Living here for three seasons, working at Box 245 & now opening his own box, he has been working with high intensity functional training. A coach with passion about functional fitness, weightlifting and health; helping people to feel good & to develop both mentally and physically! 

He enjoys high intensity training because ‘it always challenges your limits and there is always something new to learn… the combination of functional movements & strength makes you more active & trains the body back into it’s natural, primitive state, regardless of age’.  He is here to help, inspire, develop your potentials and achieve your goals. Most of all not forgetting to have some fun on the way! 

As a: 

* CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, 

* Level 1 certified Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner (12 years training under Simon Lau) 

& he has a wide range of skills, techniques & solidity to motivate & inspire you to break out of your comfort zone.   

Coaching both beginners and more experienced athletes, he sees their development & growth as a great reward. His personal training enjoys the strength factor because it forms a solid foundation and improves your all round training. 

In his free time he is a great music lover, plays the Electric guitar & has played in various bands in Sweden; having released 3 albums and had songs played on the radio!

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